Resolve some of the most common HP printer problems with some simple tips and tricks. HP printers are a well-known brand and reputed for providing high-quality, spotless printing. There are seldom any issues with their functioning. But sometimes the simplest operations can get frustrating when they don’t work. Read here about how to fix printer problems, against some of the typical issues that you can face on a day-to-day basis. For the most part, HP printers are sturdy, reliable and provide users with prolonged, economical printing.

How To Fix Printer Problems

The printer doesn’t print

There are several reasons why the printer won’t print. But you can start by:

  • Checking if there is an error message displayed or a warning light flashing on the device
  • Verify if the relevant tray contains paper
  • If the ink toner and cartridges have enough ink to print
  • Make sure your printer is connected to the Wi-Fi network and the USB cable is plugged in securely

Other reasons it won’t print

Sometimes, the reliability of the Wi-Fi connection in these printers is questionable. In such a case, it is best to unplug the printer and detach all the power lines. Plug them all back in and check if the printer can print a page.

You might have also installed a software that has set itself to a default to ‘virtual’ printing. So, the print command is actually picked up by the virtual printer rather than the physical printer

To debug this:

  • At the Start menu open the ControlPanel
  • Right-click on the correct printer available under Devices and Printers
  • Ensure Ready status of the printer
  • Check if you can print now

Unable to print from a smartphone or a tablet

AirPrint support and Wi-Fi connectivity are two of the most important factors required to enable printing from the iPad, iPhone, etc. Though the demand for AirPrint printers is steadily increasing, there are still a large number of printers that don’t support the feature. Here are some things that you can do to rectify the issue:


  • For MACs that are connected to a regular HP printer, use HandyPrint to turn on AirPrint
  • Use the Printer Pro app on your iOS to print to any wireless printer attached to a MAC or a PC.


Printing from Android phones, tablets, and printers is pretty much straightforward. They are designed to work together. For the Android, use Google Cloud Print from any phone connected to a PC.

  • Go to the Google Play Store to install Cloud Print on your mobile device
  • Then, on your Chrome browser on your PC, click these commands in the following order:
  • Menu-> Settings-> Advanced Settings-> Manage
  • Add the printer that is attached to the PC (ensure that both are switched on)

When to actually replace ink cartridges

Users generally receive a warning message when the printer is low on ink. In fact, occasional printing does not consume too much ink and even when the warning sign insists on cartridge replacement, you can still run the printer for a few weeks more. As soon as you see the message appear, you can order for new cartridges. But you do not have to replace them till you see the color fade away or printing stops completely.

Ink cartridge tricks for a laser printer:

  • In case of laser printers, remove the cartridge that is running low on ink, out of the printer
  • Gently shake it from side to side and then place it back

Note: Register with HP Instant Ink and you will never run out of cartridges

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